Bioacoustic Mat

Welcome to a revolutionary relaxation technology, the BioAcoustic Mat that allows you to not just hear, but also feel the benefits of musical relaxation! Inflated by air and designed with three vibroacoustic speakers, the BioAcoustic Mat makes relaxation easy and convenient.

What is Vibroacoustic therapy?

Vibroacoustic relaxation is not just for the brain, it also provides deep cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles, and joints.

The human body is an excellent conductor of vibration, given that we are over 70 percent water. Vibrations travel through the body, delivering a deep cellular massage, and providing an array of positive effects on various systems of the body.

Vibroacoustic relaxation uses two principles:

Deliver a deep massage by sending vibrations produced by music throughout the body

 Shift to a different state of mind with brain entrainment

How Does the BioAcoustic Mat work?

Vibroacoustic expert, Dr. Lee R. Bartel, has created 12 therapeutic tracks that range from digital instruments to soothing nature sounds. These scientifically developed tracks are created in the Delta, Alpha, Beta or Gamma wavelengths for brain entrainment. Brain entrainment occurs when one rhythm is affected and synchronizes with another rhythm, bringing the two in harmony. Because we know the specific frequencies of our brain waves and their associated mental and emotional states, science can be used to derive a desired state via entrainment.

The BioAcoustic Mat operates with 3 specifically designed speakers

One powerful, low frequency (30 – 68 Hz) transducer delivers a deep acoustic cellular massage into large muscles,

Two smaller speakers that play higher frequencies (52 – 88 Hz) to target small muscles.

The vibrations stimulate the nerves in the spine, deep tissue, and limbic systems, and affects brain activity to drive an emotional response of well-being. This synchrony of music and emotional state activates the auditory nerves that connect to all of our muscle tissue, helping to induce relaxation on a physiological level.

Videos of a cup of water on top of the Bioacoustic Mat playing on the different settings.

*BioAcoustic Mat along with the GemsMat - Elie are used during Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing Sessions.

VibroAcoustic Methods Throughout History

The benefits of VibroAcoustic therapy have a rich history going as far back as the ancient Egyptians, Pythagoras and Aborigine tribes. Humans have long used music and sound in medicine both to relax the mind and body so as to soothe emotional and physical pain. Deep vibrations of sound were believed to treat afflictions from damaged muscles and bones to bringing greater peace of mind to the mentally ill. Whether it was the didgeridoo of the Aborigine tribe, the flutes and lyres prescribed as healing instruments by Pythagoras, the reverberant chambers of Greek temples, or the sistrum of the Egyptians, sound has been used therapeutically for millennia.

Today, the wisdom of the ancients is confirmed by modern science. At the 1994 National Association of Music Therapy conference in Los Angeles, George Patrick Ph.D., Chief of Recreation Therapy at the National Institute of Health (NIH) presented that vibroacoustic therapy triggered a relaxation response, which in turn resulted in a reduction of perceived pain. Equally remarkable, patients who received vibroacoustic therapy following total knee replacements demonstrated a widened range of motion during physical therapy sessions.

Vibroacoustic therapy provides a full body massage, that stimulates circulation. Increasing blood flow brings increased oxygen, red blood cells and white blood cells to our tissue, allowing the body to speed up its own healing process. As a result, individuals naturally benefit from improved management and relief from pain. Science today also recognizes that we can alter a person’s state of mind by altering their brainwaves. When we use light and sound to stimulate the brain into a certain state, this is “brain entrainment”. This is a natural phenomenon visible even in nature. For example, you might notice that a crickets chirping comes into synch with a dripping faucet, or when two pendulums mounted on the same board begin to swing in rhythm with each other.

It's proven what humans knew dating back to the bronze age, that low vibrations promote movement and circulation, and music induces heightened relaxation. Combined, they provide a therapeutic method that holds valuable potential in both achieving pain management and greater peace.

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